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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kamasutra Enacted With A Friend

Hi folks. Hand shake for boys and boobs shake for girls. This time I’m going to narrate another fictional story. This story is how I and my friend enacted various kamasutra lessons. Just think whatever we are doing. It is not a real story. Guys, hands on your hard cock and girls, on your pussy now.
I was very friendly with one girl from my schooling. We use to chat and share everything in life. We talked about love, relationships, sports, news and all nonsense. But we never talked about sex. One day it so happened that her close friend lost virginity to her boy friend and she had told that to my friend Ranjitha. And she was very happy about it. This encouraged Ranitha to talk about it with someone. I was the obvious option she had, because she was very close with me. So she called and told me about it and I sensed a feeling of lust and sense of sexiness in her voice.
I kept teasing her saying you can also lose virginity if you find a boy friend. For that, she sportively asked me to find a guy for her and she would find a girl friend for me. It was very funny conversation. She sounded desperate. I suddenly asked, do you want a boy friend for sex. She was shocked, but she realized the way she was talking, it sounded like that. She apologized and said she is not able to control the sexual urge after hearing her close friend lose virginity. I tried to convince her to control her urge by masturbating and satisfying herself. We didn’t even realize we were chatting about sex for the first time.
The topic ended and we slept. The next day we were feeling weird to talk with each other since it was the first time. But I called her that night and we talked normally. We used to flirt with each other a lot. So I asked her did you masturbate. She said yes. She said, in fact I’m doing it right now. This time I was shocked. I asked what got her horny. She said she was watching a DVD. When asked which one, she said it was of Kamasutra. I said, “Wow! I cant believe we’re talking about sex”. She said, “Yeah. But I wanted someone to talk about sex with me freely. I can think of only you”.
Then I asked her to meet up once and share that DVD with me. She agreed and we decided to meet up in a restaurant. Usually she used to wear normal selwaar-kameez or kurtis and looked like a homely girl. But this time she came to restaurant wearing a pink spagetti top and a mini skirt. For a moment, I didn’t even recognize her. Her hair style was changed and she looked sexy. I realized its her, only when she came to me and said Hi. I told her she was looking very sexy and looked at her from top to bottom. She felt sexy about it and I could make out from her smile. So we sat on the table and started talking. It was mostly about sex.
We talked about her friend losing virginity and about kamasutra DVD, porn and much more. We could talk easily in the restaurant since there were very less people around and we had occupied a corner seat. She gave me the DVD and said she bought it online. It was a costly Kamasutra in High-Definition DVD. Wow I said and winked at her. She smiled back. We were kinda horny with all the talks already and both of us excused each other to use rest rooms (I suppose you might have guessed it why). We came back and she asked me with a wink, “Off loaded?” I said “Yes and you?” She said, “Loads”. We laughed at each other. By the way, she had seen the DVD completely. I said I wish I had a HD TV to watch this on big screen. She invited me to her house since she had a widescreen LED TV. But how can I watch it with you. She said we can use rest rooms how many times we want and laughed again. I sensed adventure and accepted.
We rushed to her house. She stayed in a huge apartment. She changed her clothes and came back. We comforted on a couch and she turned on the video. Oohh it was very seductive and also educative. I got to see many new positions which I was never aware of. She was staring at my bulge, which I was struggling to hide. She broke the silence and said, “Come on. Don’t be shy. I know you’ll be hard. What’s the point in hiding. See my nipples are also erect by seeing all these stuffs.
She showed her erect nipples under her top, by holding her boobs in her hand. I was really turned on by this. I went close to her to see them. My face was very close to her boobs. She was breathing heavy and her smell was very erotic. She funnily moved forward and touched her boobs on my face for a second and moved back. I looked at her smiling face once. And then I planted a quick kiss on her nipples. She left a soft moan. Then I kissed them continuously many times. She was getting wild. I kissed the other boobs on her top and she was feeding them with her hands into my mouth. We wanted to see ourselves completely naked desperately. We got rid of our clothes. God! She was damn sexy than I thought.
The DVD was still running and the sounds in the video was also more erotic. We started enacting the foreplay movements in Kamasutra. I kissed her hand and kissed all the way through her arms and shoulders, then kissed her neck, biting them softly. She was shivering with pleasure, since it was her first time and so was mine. I slowly kissed her earlobes, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and chin. I skipped her beautiful lips for later. I moved down towards her midriff and kissed her all over. She was moaning with pleasure when I kissed and bit her side waists and her navel. Her navel was very cute and I put my tongue in it and sucked it. She was going crazy, she was lifting herself from the couch and moving like a snake on the bed. I kissed her feet and moved upwards towards her legs, then her milky white sexy thighs. Biting her thighs and moving closer to her clean shaved pussy was getting her wild and she sat up.
I kissed all around her pussy but not on her pussy. She was wet already and it was shining with her flowing juices. She was holding my head and her fingers were running in my hairs as I was kissing. I got up and she was sitting moaning like hell. She immediately locked lips and hugged me. Our lips started wrestling, saliva was dripping from our lips on to our chin. I licked the dripping mix of our saliva on her chin and she licked it on mine. We were licking our faces like cats.
We laid back on the couch and I was on top of her, kissing her lips and sucking her tongue. Her hands were caressing and digging my back. My hard cock was on her stomach and my pre-cum had spilt on her navel. After kissing, smooching hard for around 15 minutes, we broke the kiss and shared a deep eye-contact. Wow it was like we were in love. I got up since she was taking my weight on her from long time. She saw my pre-cum on her belly. I was standing next to her near the couch, she was looking at me and took my pre-cum from her navel with her tiny little finger and licked it. Omg such a sexy scene it was. I kissed her again as she got up.
By then the video was over. She walked sexily towards the room and I was watching her wonderful ass and sexy bare back as she walked. She stood behind a wall, showing just half of her body and she called me to come and get her, with her finger. I ran towards her. She started running towards the room (it was such a big house). She was turning back to see my hard cock when I was running and I was watching her tits swinging and jumping. I caught her finally when she entered her bed room and I hugged her from back and started kissing her neck from back. She was moaning as she took my hands and placed it on her boobs. I was pressing her boobs so hard. She was keeping her hands on mine, so that if I decrease the speed of pressing, she was pressing my hands indicating me to do it harder. We started smooching again. I was pinching her nipples and she was leaving moans while we were kissing.
I then kissed all over her back, under her armpits, on her ass cheeks, her back thighs, almost everywhere. We were still standing and I went in front of her. I knelt down to kiss her navel again. She was pushing my head towards her pussy. She was already dripping her juices. I licked it on her thighs by looking at her eyes. She was holding my head so lovingly. I put my mouth on her pussy for the first time. She could not control the pleasure of my kisses. She was shivering a lot and struggling to even stand. I pinned her onto a wall and she kept one of her legs on my shoulders as I was sucking her pussy. Her moans reached heights. She had a big orgasm and she let her juices in my mouth. I swallowed a bit and the remaining flowed out of my mouth. I showed her cum in my mouth. She sat down and licked her cum on my face. We were all dirty and sexy. We had no limits.
It was time for her to give pleasure. She made me sleep on her bed. Tied my hands with one of her duppattas to her bed corner, tied with eyes with a black satin soft cloth, my legs to the bottom bed corners. I was blind and horny like hell. She didn’t do anything for a while. She was around but didn’t reply to my talks. Suddenly she jumped on the bed started kissing my cock. She held my cock near my balls and sucked the tip of my uncircumcised cock. She loved uncircumcised cocks because its good to shag them, she says. She put her tongue tip in my anus and licked it. She licked all over the skin of my dick. She took my balls in her mouth. She spit on my cock and got it all wet and dirty. I was moaning and enjoying the time of life. She then put her boobs on my cock and gave me a nice tit-fuck. I ejaculated quickly on her boobs and it fell on my stomach too. She licked my stomach and dick clean. She was making *slurp* sound to let me know that my cum was yummy. She came up and put her cum-wet boobs in my mouth. She made me lick my own cum. I had never done this before, but with her, I was ready to do anything. It was so sexy. She kissed my neck, shoulders, arms , chest, nipples, navel, everywhere with lustful desire. She massaged my body with her spongy breasts. She rubbed it on my face and I was getting totally turned on when her nipples touched my face. Then she untied me and let me free.
We both were now craving for sex. I wanted to wear condom, but she said she was in her safe days. With her consent, we started the action. I fucked her in doggy style first, since it was easy to penetrate and break her virginity. Her hymen split, but did not bleed. She experienced pain a little bit, but was able to handle it as she’s strong and keeps herself fit always. Ranjitha was enjoying her first fuck. We were already close to another orgasm. So we changed position. I made her sleep sideways and lifted her leg. I slept behind her and fucked her sweet pussy from behind. I loved watching her expressions when I inserted completely in. I was squeezing her boobs like anything, in that position. Her boobs turned red. We never wanted to end this session. When either of us was getting close to orgasm, we stopped and changed positions. We ha lot of positions in mind as we saw Kamasutra videos. Next I made her stand and I lifted her left leg up. I inserted my cock inside her pussy from front. She held onto me by wrapping her arms across my shoulders. We stared at each other’s eyes with full of lust. Our lips met again and she was moaning loudly. In this position we were not able to control. She ejaculated with my cock still inside. I could feel her cum flowing out over my cock. This made me ejaculate inside her pussy soon.
We were kinda tired then. She offered to prepare some juice and she walked to kitchen naked. I followed her and I went to watch the remaining part of Kamasutra. Because by the end of the video, we had already started making out and I couldn’t watch it till the end. She came with some juices and fruits. I was sitting on the couch and she came n stood in front of me. She put her right leg over my shoulder. She pushed herself on to me and started pouring the juice from her shoulders. I started sucking the juice on her boobs, navel and on her pussy. It was very sexy to lick her juicy body. She then put a grape on belly and put her mouth on it to suck it. She was looking at me while she crushed the grape on my belly with her teeth. She seductively ate the grape and licked the grape juice on my navel. She kept one more grape in her mouth and came near me. I opened my mouth and went close to her to eat the grape.
She went back and teased me for a while. She was playing with me. Then suddenly she put her mouth on to mine and ate the grape and ate her marvelous juicy lips too. We were obviously turned on with all this and wanted one more session of good fuck. She sat on my cock and started riding me in cow girl position. Her boobs were jumping in front of my face and we both were moaning like hell. Oooohhhhh Aaaahhhh Aaahhhhaaa sounds surrounded the hall. I made her sleep on the couch and fucked her in missionary position. She was getting ultimate pleasure in this position. “Fuck me darling. Tear my pussy. Its all yours today. Fuck me baby” she begged. She was holding the arm rest of the couch for support and moving around the couch with pleasure. She asked me to insert completely and stay there for a while. I pushed my dick completely in and slept on her. Then she contracted her pussy a bit and it squeezed my cock. It was so sexy. She did that quite a few times and it was like her pussy was shagging my dick. I was close to another orgasm. We were smooching continuously. But I didn’t want to ejaculate. I wanted to change position. I stood up from the couch.
She got up and jumped on me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held me with her hands around my neck. My cock was poking her ass. She guided my cock inside her ass hole. But we were not able to penetrate as it was a difficult position for anal sex. She put my cock in her pussy. I fucked her in that position for few seconds and we ran out of balance and we fell on the floor. Although it hurt, we burst out a laughter. She fell on floor on her stomach. Her ass looked divine. I jumped on her and fucked her tight virgin ass hole. She was shouting with pain. I poured the remaining juice on her body and drank it. She had orgasm while I was fucking her ass. Her cum spread all over the floor under her. I said I was close to cumming. She asked me to take it out quickly. She wanted to drink my cum. She got a glass of orange juice and started shagging me. I orgasmed and she collected my cum in the glass of juice. She mixed it with her middle finger and drank it at once. The house had become a mess. We were that playful and nasty.
We had to clean up ourselves. As we entered the bathroom and we hugged each other and switched on the shower. We kissed under the shower for sometime. She turned off the shower and proposed me. “Will you be my boy friend?” I had no choice. The answer was always yes. I didn’t say that. I replied with a smooch. She turned on the shower and we continued a long smooch. Then we soaped each other and played in the bath tub for some time. We fucked sitting on the commode, holding the sink, In the bath tub again. It was the best day of my life.
I hope the story brought all my readers a wild orgasm. Leave your comments on or You can add me on Kik messenger also. My ID on kik is awesomehere. The story is a fiction, which means not real. Girls can add me for chat. Guys please don’t ask for girls’ contacts. I will never share others’ details. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.Hi folks. Hand shake for boys and boobs shake for girls. This time I’m going to narrate another fictional story. This story is how I and my friend enacted various kamasutra lessons. Just think whatever we are doing. It is not a real story. Guys, hands on your hard cock and girls, on your pussy now.

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