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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Night Adventures With Didi

I would like to inform all the readers of this story that this is a true story. All those who like my story can send me their appreciation on my email id

Friends my name is Vishal, first let me tell you about my family. We are based in Jaipur and I have three elder sisters, Poonam, Sapna and Rekha. My father is a retired teacher and my mother is a housewife.

My father got married at a very late age and subsequently waiting for a baby boy, I was born when he was 45 years. My mother is very religious and devoted housewife who used to take care of all of us to the best of her abilities.

It was 1998, when I passed my intermediate examination, my two elder sisters, Poonam and Sapna had got married by then. I was 18 years old and used to masturbate daily after looking at porn magazines and reading sex stories mostly incest involving sister in the month of August

After brief illness my father was diagnosed with Cancer for treatment my father was admitted in a Delhi hospital and my mother accompanied him. I and my youngest sister were left alone at home. My mother told Rekha to care of me.

I was preparing for engineering entrance examinations then. Rekha was doing her B.A. that time. So in the morning I used to go to my coaching classes and Rekha used to go to her college after preparing lunch for both of us.

I used to have lunch after coming from coaching and had afternoon sleep, by the time Rekha used to come from college at 4 pm. Both of us used to have evening tea together at 5 pm and then started studying in our rooms.

My father was undergoing chemotherapy at Delhi so my Mom and Dad were not expected to return for at least another 30- 40 days. Both Rekha and me were in contact with them over telephone.

I used to study till late in the night. Once when I went to kitchen for water at around 1 am in the night, I looked in to Rekha's room. Rekha was sound asleep. She was wearing a red skirt and a black shirt top on that day.

That was her usual dress at home, skirt and a shirt top with buttons in front. I went in to her room. She was sleeping casually as only me and her were at home. Her red skirt was positioned in such a way that I could see her full legs totally.

Rekha was fair in colour. Her legs above the knees were spotless and very smooth, I just felt like touching them and licking them. By this time my Lund was in fully erect position and could have released sperms after one or two stroke.

I somehow controlled myself and kept on looking at her legs for another few minutes. After that I gathered courage and moved her skirt a little more higher, so I could see her white panties.

Few pubic hairs were coming out of the sides of the panty. It was a dream come true for a 18 year old boy who has never seen a naked girl before and was content with masturbation after looking at porn magazines.

I immediately took out my erect Lund from my shorts and in a few strokes I ejaculated a stream of sperms on the floor. I rushed for a wipe from the kitchen and cleaned the floor. I came back to my room stealthily thereafter and slept.

Next day everything was as normal, Rekha was unaware of my deeds. Whole day passed as usual and I was waiting for the night to masturbate and so many adventurous things were going on in my mind in the night, once again at around 1 am I entered her room without making any sound.

I could see her in the same position as that of yesterday, her skirt was a little above her knees and she was sleeping soundly. I gathered courage and again lifted her skirt easily, so as to have a clear view of her panties.

I looked at her silken thighs and round ass packed inside panties and few pubic hairs coming out, heartfelt for a few minutes. My penis was not fully erect yet and wanted some more.

So I once again gathered courage and started opening top buttons of her shirt top slowly, so that she might not wake up. I was successful in opening three top buttons of her top and now I could see her melons tightly packed inside her bra. Rekha had good sized boobs.

Her bra was not able to cover them fully, ample was coming out of them. I continued looking at her cleavage and 1/4 th of the boobs that were coming out of the bra. My Lund was fully erect by now, I took it out and within a few strokes I was done.

I came out of her room after wiping my semen off the floor. I did not dare to close her top buttons for the fear of risking her getting up again next day morning, everything was usual, Rekha did not suspect anything, she might have thought that she might herself have opened buttons because of high temperature.

I was getting more and more adventures day by day and wanted more. When Rekha went to bathroom, I tried peeping inside through a crack in wooden planks of bathroom door. I could see her taking off clothes and had a full view of her breasts.

She had pink areolas when she sat down for shower, I could not see any further as the crack was a little higher and only the upper part of her body was visible from that crack. I took out my penis in my hand and waited for her to get up again to towel her body.

She got up after a few minutes and now her big breasts were in my clear view. I felt like playing with her breasts and pinching her areolas. By the time she clothed herself after towel and I was through with my masturbation and went inside my room, before she came out of the bathroom in the afternoon after coming back from the coaching

I took a screwdriver and widened the crack in the wooden plank of bathroom door, so as to have a clearer view from next day onwards. The only thing in my mind during those days was the fair silken shapely body of Rekha, her breasts, her panties. My studies were going for a toss.

I was not able to concentrate on my studies any more. Earlier I used to spend only half an hour in a day looking at porn magazines and masturbating, but now all 24 hours, I was thinking about next adventures in the night and I again entered Rekha's room, today after lifting her skirt up and opening the blouse buttons

I tried lifting the sides of her panty so as to have a view of her pussy hole. I gently lifted the mid portion of her panty between her thighs and had a heartfelt look at her vaginal opening. It was covered in black pubic hair. It was slightly moist, when I softly tried touching it with one hand.

I had lifted the side of her panty and the other was working on my stiff cock as I was masturbating Rekha suddenly changed sides and I had to leave her panty. She pulled down her skirt, her eyes were closed and she was in deep sleep.

But there was a fear in my mind that probably Rekha had come to know of my deeds. I slowly walked in my room, masturbated and went to sleep. I was waiting for Rekha's reaction the next day. But she did all her chores and looked normal.

I thought that she has not come to know about what I was doing again I peeped through the bathroom door in the morning when she went for bath, masturbated and went for my coaching classes.

This continued for next few days, on some occasions I felt as if Rekha is awake while I was touching her pussy lips after lifting sides of her panty during night adventures when I was done with my masturbation.

She used to change sides and bring her skirt down. On few occasions she kept the back button of her bra open and I could have full view of her breasts on those days.

After about a month my parents came back from Delhi, My father and mother started sleeping in the room, in which I used to study and sleep. Now me and Rekha were sharing a room and used to share a double bed.

Rekha used to go to bed at around 11 pm and I used to wait for her to be in deep sleep till 1 am then I started my usual routine of lifting her skirt up, opening blouse buttons, slightly lifting panty sides, have a look at her vaginal opening, masturbating and then go to bed.

It had become a daily routine now, except for the fact that peeping through bathroom door was not possible now, when my parents were at home. One Sunday night when I opened the buttons of her shirt top, I was aghast as Rekha was not wearing any bra on that day when I lifted her skirt.

I was out of this world, as she was not wearing any panty even. I slowly got up from the bed, closed the door of our room. Then I had a full view of my sister Rekha's firm breasts which were ogling out of three open buttons, she had trimmed her bush, her pubic hair were shining.

And there it was my 20 year old virgin sister showing me her secret parts. I had a heartfull view of my nude sister, masturbated to my satisfaction, rearranged her clothes and went to sleep.

Now on weekends, Rekha used not to wear any undergarments and I used to have full fun on those days. Once when I was masturbating looking at my sister’s nude body, my mother entered our room, she was totally surprised looking at what was going on.

I had my Lund in my hand and was stroking it vigorously. As soon as I say my mother, I was totally panicked and my erect Lund shrinked. My mother waited for a few seconds, and left the room without saying anything.

Next morning also everything went on as normal, but when I came back from my coaching and had lunch, my mother came to room. Rekha had gone to her college at that time. My mother sat beside me and told me that it was normal at my age to be attracted to females.

But masturbating looking at my sisters body was against the norms and I should not have sexual feelings towards my sister. She asked me to start sleeping in another room with my father, and she said that Rekha will start sleeping with her from today.

I was a bit relieved; otherwise I was expecting a nuclear bomb after what happened last night. I could not concentrate on my engineering entrance exams anymore and I took admission in B.Sc. in a college. Rekha got married in year 2000. After completing my graduation

I got selected as Income Tax Officer and got posted at far off place. I am still unmarried, I got a chance of meeting Rekha at one of the family functions in year 2007, and she had turned sexier after giving birth to two sons.

She had accumulated flesh at right places when we started our conversation, she asked me why I was not getting married, I told her that I was waiting for a dream girl like her to enter in my life. She just smiled.

We exchanged our contact phone numbers and she asked me to call her late in the night after 11.30 pm when her husband is on night shift. Now we are in regular contact over phone. One day while conversing she told me that she has undergone family planning operation when we started remembering those old days

When both of us were unmarried, both of us were finding it a bit awkward. But she had become bold after getting married, and she invited me to her house whenever her husband is gone on a long official tour. She said that we will do all that we could not do when we were studying. I could not understand the meaning of what she meant by this, but I am looking forward to the day her husband goes for a long official tour.


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