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Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Room Mate

Hai Readers, I am Anupama, 25 years old, From Calicut. I am a regular reader of Keralaerotica, and found that the articles published in it are nice. I like to share my experiences in sex with you. Most of my experiences were lesbian, with my roommate Veena at the hostel in Chennai where I did my studies. I had a few experiences with guys also. Here I’m narrating one of my lesbian experiences. As said above, most of my experiences are with my roommate at hostel. She is also malayali, a real horny girl! I was very happy when I got a malayali as my roommate in a city like Chennai. She used to comment about my body and often unknowingly touch my boobs when she hugs me. I have a slim curvy body, medium sized tits, and a nice bum, to which veena used to comment about. Veena is not as beautiful as me, but her eyes and lips are the most attractive things. I am posting this with her permission to this site. She has a little fatty body, tits bigger than that of me, whitish complexion and equally tall as me, that is 172 cms. Our first encounter was on the third day of my admission to the hostel. We were 18 years old then. It was around 4.30 pm when that day’s classes were over. We reached the hostel. I went straight to the bathroom to have a bath because that day was very hot. As I was removing my dresses and wearing a bath towel, I heard the noise of closing the door. I got stunned for a moment, it was veena! She wore a turkey towel just above her boobs. “You look so beautiful darling, let’s bath together!” she said: I was in a strange state, I cannot say a word. I just stood there. She came near me, palmed my shoulders and hair, finally her hands reached behind my head. She pulled my head towards her face with both hands, and gave me a nice kiss. She sucked my lips fully into her mouth. Unknowingly, I also hugged her. Her hands came to my buttocks, began palming there. “Honey, you’re so sweet” she said. She removed her towel; it was nice to see her in bra and panties. She removed my towel too. I watched with surprise that her red pantie is getting wet in a “V” shape. I assumed that she is getting excited. She again hugged me. Pressing gently on my boobs, she whispered “Sweetie, if I were a guy…..I would have fucked u several times” I felt shy. Pressing my boobs again and squeezing it over my bra, she was blabbering something as if she became absent-minded. I felt my nipples becoming erect and something oozing out from my pussy. I looked at my panties; I found with shy that it’s also getting wet! Veena’s hands were palming my back, she unhooked my bra suddenly. I laid my hands crossed over my boobs. She begged me “Honey, let me see it please…” and took my hands off. I saw in her eyes, the amazement. “It’s very nice muthe..” She said and began to touch my erect nipples with her finger. I felt the stream originating from my pussy is picking momentum. She kissed my boobs and with her tongue, rounded my nipple and sucked it. I removed her bra and saw the marvelous tits with erect nipples. “Do like what I have done to you, anu” she whispered and with a bit of hesitation, I began to suck her nipples. She closed her eyes and was enjoying my actions. Meanwhile, I also found great pleasure in doing this. She opened the shower and we hugged again under the shower for sometime. During this, she tried several times to remove my panties, but I hesitated and didn’t allow her to do that. She suddenly stopped bathing and swept her body with the towel and went out of the bathroom. I got stunned. I also quickly completed my bath and went to the main room. Veena was lying on the bed. I called her and patted her bums. She threw my hands away from her body. I sat nearby her and embraced her. I gave her a nice kiss on her lips like she have given me at the bathroom. “See molu, I have no problems with you, now we can make our love” I said. Again a deep kiss was her reply. I haven’t changed my dresses; she had shifted herself to a nightgown. I removed it and kissed her boobs again over the bra. She threw her bra off, removed my towel, I haven’t got time to wear the bra. She hugged me again, laid me on the bed, and began sucking my boobs. I felt again the same stream inside my pussy. She bit my nipples gently in the meantime. I knew that she is getting hornier. She kissed my lips again, and moved downwards. To my boobs, waist and suddenly she kissed tightly on my pussy and bit there slowly. I felt electricity is passing through my body. She bite on the top of my panties and moved it down. I didn’t resist. After removing it, she gave a soft, gentle kiss on my honey pot, flooding with sweet juice. I tried to catch her panties and got one edge of it. I pulled it down in no time; I saw her nice playground, clean shaven. Both of us stood up and kissed again, we were fully nude. She squeezed my buttocks, and slowly moved her hand towards my pussy. She put her index finger inside and took it out. It was a bit painful, but was enough to make me horny. As she withdrew her finger, I saw her finger coated with a shiny film of pussy juice. She licked her finger and exclaimed “vow!”. She again put her finger in, pulled it out and put it onto my mouth and said “molu, check out ur taste!” I slowly licked it, felt it nice. She again inserted her finger and rubbed my clit. I felt my body burning. I cannot stop sexual desires. “Moleeeeeeeee….speed up please…….” I moaned. She made it more and faster. She put three fingers inside, and moved it up and down. She sat on the floor, while I was standing. She said me to bend my body a little more, and I obeyed. She then put one of her nipples inside my pussy and touched my clit again. It was intolerable for me and I began to press my boobs. After a while, she stood up. After a long kiss again, she put her nipple to my mouth and yet again I realized the taste of my pussy. I put my finger inside her pussy and moved it inwards as I can. She moaned with pleasure. We went to bed then, she laid me on the bed, and positioned our bodies like her cunt was facing my mouth, and my pussy to her. “Now eat it” she said and began to put her tongue inside. I also did the same. She caught my bums and pulled my waist strongly towards her mouth. As she was over me, it was easy for me to pull her closer to my mouth. As I was licking her with all my might, she cummed over my face with a load of pussy juice. I drank it fully. I was also about to cum. I made her underneath me and cummed onto her face. It was around 6pm then. We gone again to the bathroom and had another bath and another nice fuck. We went to the mess and had food. Returning to my room, she said “Molu, I will not let you sleep today” I agreed because I knew that tomorrow will be a holiday. We continued to make our love again till 3 am in the night and slept nude, hugging each other under one blanket. As mentioned above, I had two incidents of sex with guys. As per the availability of time, I’ll try to describe those experiences next time. Hope all of you have enjoyed this. Readers, your comments are heartily welcomed. Please post your comments to Those who love to have email contact with me are also welcome. Bye till we meet again. With warm wishes of love to all readers of Keralaerotica, Anupama

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