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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tution Teacher

Hi everybody my name is Sean(name changed for personnel reasons). I am 24,now in California I like to narrate a story that happened to me, right before I came to united states. Let me introduce my tuition teacher. she was a Tamil Brahmin girl just got married and living close to my house. My dad heard her giving lessons to some students so my dad took me there. She was fair 5 feet 6 inches in height and a nice rocking body. I used to go to her house early in the morning and after class. At that age I used to masturbate thinking of her I started to talk to her more and more. Luckily for me her husband goes to work early in the morning and come back late at night so I could stay there as long as I want. Even my parents thought I was studying. One day when I went to her house there was no one just her kid and her the doors were wide open when I went inside and call for her she said she's taking a bath and will be out soon so I waited outside her bathroom. In 5 min she came I was shocked to see her in a towel and she was a bit tensed to see me in her bedroom. I said I am sorry and left the house. Next day I went to her house to study I couldn’t face her. She asked me to come inside she made me tea and gave me something to eat. Then she started to question me. Why did I do that. Endina poyathu. I didn’t have an answer for that but she already knew what was going thru my mind. She said athokke pottu mone ninte prayathinteya ennu parajhu ente ketti pidichu I was shocked to see a different behavior from her side. I took advantage of that and hugged her back and when I was about to kiss her some students came to study. So I gave her a small kiss on her cheek and then we went to the study room. All day I was waiting to get her alone . she was making me go wild with her beautiful smile and her lovely body I wanted her for a day or more. At that time in one of the science class we started to learn about human bodies so I was very interested in that and wanted to ask her more questions. When I asked more question she said there's a lot of things I can't explain said ok fine then show me. I think she was shocked to hear me saying that. He give me kiss on my cheek with a small smile. I knew what was going to happen from then. I gave her a kiss on her lips she didn’t like that. She was mad at me for doing that she said I'll tell ur parents what u did and those kind of stuff and I was like what the heck whatever happens I don’t care I need you . I hugged her and gave a nice long kiss on her lips and started to run my fingers all over her body. She stopped all the nonsense and started to enjoy what I was doing. I took her to their bedroom and closed the door. I start to remove her saree. That was an incredible view without her saree. I like what I saw I started kissing her on her neck and face at the same time I was holding her left boobs .it was big with all her milk for her kid. I wanted some of that. I asked her if I can some of her babies milk. She said I can have anything I want. So I sat there on my knees and sucked her lovely nipples like a kid she asked to spare some for her kid. Her milk tastes different . then I concentrate on her I told her to take of her pavada. I wanted to suck her vagina it was a unique exp for me. She told me to go to that side and go inside with my tongue. She was guiding me all those time finally she asked to take of my cloths my dick was already in a 90 degree angle she caught my erecting dick and give me a blowjob trust me that was my best ever. There's nothing like an exp women. After I cummed I was a bit tired I was just playing with her vagina then after 10 min she asked to fuck her. I wasn’t sure about that but when she asked me I put my 8 inch dick to her vagina. It went inside with no problem at all maybe coz she had her baby. From her look I knew she was waiting for some dick activity inside her. I fulfilled her desire for that. After 10 min I told her I about to cum. She said mone stop cheyada porathu eduthu kalayan. I did exactly she asked me. She was completely satisfied and I was happy at the same time. I got the girl used to come in my dream. After that night we did some more position and we used to take bath together and fucked in there. After a few months I got my visa to come to usa. So I said bye to her forever. I've never seen her after that.