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Saturday, 11 May 2013

London Calling Fun Time

Hello to all readers it’s been a long time have added a story to this site. I love reading a good story and have always come to this site read them. Off late and I have noticed that most of the stories added here belong to fiction genre.

Yet the author tries to describe them as true incident that happened to them. What I would love to see is a bit of honesty as authors it is our duty to tell our readers the story they are reading is fiction and work of imagination and if it is real, portray some factual settings.

Let me know your thoughts on this email address funnlove15 @ gmail dot com.

This story is a work of fiction and this is a story about Ravi a software engineer in his late 20s. Ravi works for IT Company just outside London. Life in UK is very boring and monstrous. Ravi has been here now for just about a year. Weekend drinking sessions with friends are now turning out to mundane affairs.

Waking up late on Saturday mornings with hangover is not fun anymore. Ravi was hoping to be-friend some white chick but with each passing day this seems impossible. Ravi had managed a courageous smile on one or two occasions towards a white girl.

But any hope of anything more had disappeared. Ravi missed India and he would have had at least 3 affairs by now. The summer Sun was out in UK. Ravi worked in simple building next to a large field and a small pond. During the afternoon and lunch times lots of people working in other offices would come to the field for a walk or simply laze around.

Ravi enjoyed this a bit and it was nice to walk in fresh air. Moreover with the onset of summer, girls have started to wear shorter skirts and loose blouses. Some girls would even lie down on the grass near the pond. Ravi would watch all this with his i pod ear phones plugged into his ears.

One day Ravi noticed a group of girls talking loudly to each other. He saw there were 4 girls, amongst them was an Asian girl. She looked nice, great olive skin, white pearly smile, small round ass and perfectly bouncy tits. He did not know he was staring at them till the time girls stared back.

He looked embarrassed and the girls burst into laughter. Ravi saw them again for the next 2 days. There were 2 girls he liked in the group both of them were round and petite one was white and the other Asian girl after the weekend Ravi was hoping to see them again on Monday.

But couldn’t find they and this made him a little anxious on Tuesday as well there was no sign of them, so he sat down near the pond. Ravi was thinking how things have gone from bad to worse. For the past 1 year the only action he had got was masturbating watching free porn on the internet.

He had visited a strip bar a few times but those bitches don’t even let you touch them. Ravi was hoping to see the group of girls on Wednesday but after 10 minutes he sat down on his spot. There was no sign of them today as well Ravi lost hope.

He was deep in his thoughts when he almost jumped in fright; someone came up from behind and surprised him. He quickly tried to recover and saw the same Asian girl apologising to him. She was smiling and saying sorry didn’t mean to scare you.

I said hi but you were listening to music so I thought I would come from front. Ravi meekly said no problem. She extended her hand "hi I am Ash". Ravi responded as well shook hands Ravi.

Like women know about a man from their first kiss, men know their women from the first contact of skin. And most of the time its always the same - get her to bed. They started talking - Asha was from Bangalore came to UK for a short term project.

Her friends were colleagues who had gone to work in the city office for 2 weeks. So she was alone out during the lunch. Ravi was pleased to know that she is an Indian.

They talked for 20mins, Asha was mostly asking about local stuff. Anyone new to the country would want to know where to get good food, Indian spices and share houses and stuff like that.

They met again the following day. Asha was staying in a hotel, she didnt like hotel food. Ravi was happy to help her with tips, they talked about work. Ravi was a happy person all of a sudden.

After a year he was sitting so close to a girl and talking, trying his best to peak at her cleavage. The touch of her skin had already filled his head. He was mentally feeling her up, trying to rub is hands on her tummy and slowly feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples, tickling them, squeezing them.

It was Friday, Ravi and Asha met again near the pond. She was wearing a sleeveless top with blue jeans and Asha had just the right amount of flesh on her at right places. Ravi sat close to her, trying his best to touch her skin accidently.

They were talking about boyfriends/girl friends. Asha said she was engaged and would get married soon. She never had any boyfriends and she came from an orthodox family. Ravi said the same about being orthodox and never being with any other girl.

Only he knew it was completely opposite. Then Asha asked what he was doing during the weekend and if he could show her around. Ravi was waiting for this opportunity and politely suggested why don’t we meet in the evening after work after all it was weekend.

Asha agreed Ravi had started to feel horny from the moment Asha agreed to meet. He thought to myself this could be his fruit for waiting 1 year. The evening was eventless. Asha was in her jeans and had worn a jacket to cover herself.

Ravi tried all possible ways to direct the conversation towards something tillilating. College’s days, friends' boyfriends, school crush, girls wearing skirts, teenage pregnancy. Needless to say Asha did not take alcohol as well eventually he said good bye to her and walked back to his house from her hotel.

Next day, as planned they met again and went out for local sightseeing around city centre and high street. Asha was more relaxed and talking a little more openly. Towards the evening both were tired and then Ravi hit great idea movies.

Asha said no and she said she did not want to go anywhere else but would love to see some horror flick online. Ravi tried his last hand lets order takeaway and watch a movie at my place". He was sure she would decline. But she said yes.

Ravi quickly leaded her to his house, small apartment, minimum furniture, 2nd second hand TV. Few adult magazines littered around he quickly tucked them. Asha was polite did not comment on his room.

She sat on the sofa and Ravi handed her the laptop and asked her to look up a movie. He went to the kitchen to fetch soft drinks. They decided to watch Paranormal activities. They ordered pizza while Ravi setup the laptop to the TV and they were ready.

The movie was spooky and doorbell rang at the right time. They ate and Ravi brought a duvet to cover themselves it was getting cooler. Asha enjoyed the spooky bits but was getting the chills as well. Ravi had inched closer to her and was brushing her arms.

Eventually the thing did happen which Ravi was expecting frightened Asha hid her face on Ravi's chest. Ravi felt a tickle run throgh him. 1 year wow, he was ready to tear her clothes and drill his cock into her.

Asha was comfortable or oblivious that she was with Ravi and not her boyfriend. Ravi now had placed his arms around her and was trying to touch her boobs under her arms.

His thumb was rubbing against side boobs and he was either stupid or crazed but he kept on rubbing his thumb. Asha made a little more room for his thumb. Ravi was totally focusing on his thumb, her boobs and his erection.

He had now completly cupped her right breast and was gently massaging them. Asha was breathing little heavily and she was leaning completely on Ravi. He now had her right nipple between his fingers. No sooner did he pinch them Asha looked at his face, Ravi froze.

Asha looked at him suggestively and asked don’t you think sofa is too small for both of us. Ravi was stumped for a moment, his mouth remained open, then his eyes brightened lets go to my bed.

He led her to his bedroom. Sat down on the bed, holding her hand, he faced her and she stood in front of him close enough to feel each other’s breaths. Ravi had moved his hands underneath her top and could feel the warmth of her soft skin. She was moving her hands in his hair trying to time her kiss.

Finally Ravi pulled her closer and their lips met. It was soft, sweet, sensual, they were able to taste each other, Ravi was gently sucking her lips, she was hesitate to put her tongue. She opened her mouth to inhale, Ravi slipped his tongue further in, it was a wet sensation

She felt ticklish, Ravi moved his hands further up to cup her breasts. Asha had closed her eyes and was lost for the moment and she wanted more. Hoping to continue the story in the second part or write to me to know more.

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