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Thursday, 9 May 2013

maid Sumati to daily visit my room

I am Bobby from Jaipur and was on official tour for 5 days to Chennai last month. . .. .I arranged my stay in a guest house just near to my friends house. . .He insisted to stay with him but I preferred to stay in a guest house in view of the freeness I would be having in the guest house. …Reluctantly my friend agreed for my stay in the guest house but asked her maid Sumati to daily visit my room in the guest house and see if the things are properly managed and clean my clothes as no laundry service was there in the guest house. . . .so Sumati came and arranged the bed sheets and washed my clothes which had got spoiled during my journey. . .Sumati was a dark coloured lady with slightly bulky body. . . .perhaps she might be around 30 years of age. . . she had a very beautiful smile. . . .. I tried to talk her but she could not understand English and I could not understand and speak Tamil. . .fortunately she could speak few English words. . . . ...after cleaning she went back. . . My first day job was very hectic and till the end of the day I got tired. I had dinner and slept that day early. . ..
The next day when I woke up my whole body was in pain. . . remained on  bed till 8 in morning hoping that I will be fine with some more rest. . .but the body pain remained as it was. . .at around 9 Sumati came and started to arrange the room. . . .
I asked her, “Sumati, is there ant dispensary near by” She could not understand and just uttered, “What”?
I told, “Pain . . .medicine”
“Pain sir, where?”
“The whole body” She couldn’t understand so I told her in sign language. . .but by her expression I knew that she understood. She said something which I couldn’t understand and went out. After some time she returned back with a pot. .
She told, “Sir, massage. . .you ok soon”
I said, “no no I will be ok after I take some medicine”
“Sir, doctor. . . 11. . .late”
I understood that doctor will be available at 11 or even late. Meanwhile she just sat near me on my cot and applied some oil from the pot she brought on my arms. . . her hands were very soft. . . .it was a great feeling of touch by a stranger female. . ..after she had applied oil on both the arms and hands and massage it, she asked me to pull my banyan up and turn around. . .I hesitated but as she insisted I pulled my banyan up. She applied some oil on my back and gave a very soothing massage. . . .later she told me to turn around and as my banyan was restricting I removed it. . . .she applied oil did massage on my. . . chest and stomach.. . . .The soft touch of her hands was making me crazy. . .for massaging she was moving her whole body forward and backward. . .and this was causing her big boobs to swing . . .she was looking very sexy. . . and the thought of her boobs swaying over me was making my cock erect. . .I tried to control by diverting my mind.. . but I failed. . .She finished the massage of my chest and stomach and moved towards my legs.. . .I asked Sumati to leave it now but she said, “5 min sir”. She applied oil on my ankle and calf and started massaging. . .till now my cock has become fully erect and has formed a tent below my shorts. . .While massaging Sumati suddenly saw the throbbing movement of my cock. . .for a moment she stopped.. ..but then she again started massaging..  . .I guessed she was smiling but trying to hide. .  She gradually move towards my thighs.. . .She said, “Sir, control”. I tried to behave innocent and asked, “What?” She pointed to my cock and said, “Jumping”. . .I said, “no no nothing”. With a big smile she pressed the buldged portion of my paint. . . and retracted back saying, “ooi amma . .. big”. Now I can see a naughty smile on her face. . .she continued massaging my thighs and moving upward. …gradually her movement of her hands was entering my shorts. . . .occasionally her fingers touched my base of the cock and my balls. . . .now it was nearly impossible for me to control. . .I grabbed her hand and pressed against my rock hard cock inside my shorts. .. .. .For moments she starred in my eyes and pulled my shorts down and my cock jumped out like any prisoner have been released from a jail. . . She took my cock in her hand and said, “Sir, big and good”.  She started stroking my cock. . . .I pulled her over top of me and started kissing on her neck, lips . . . .she didn’t objected so I tried to remove her blouse. . .but she hold my hands and said something which I didn’t understand. She they by gestures and symbols tried to tell that if I enter my cock in her pussy she will get pregnant. . .Anyhow I was able to convince her that I will give her a medicine which will not make her pregnant. . .it was difficult to convince due to language barrier but she got convinced. . . .I removed her blouse. She was not wearing any bra, so the big black melons bounced out. . ..I put one of her nipples in my mouth sucking it and massaged her other boob. . . She was getting hot. . . started to moan. . . .I removed her saree and then her petticoat. . .she was not wearing any panty. . . . Her pussy was covered with a thick hair bush. . I spread her legs apart and reached to her pussy. . . .it was having dark colour and when I parted her pussy lips could see the sexy pink inside. . . Sumati was lying with her eyes closed and massaging her boobs. . . .Her pussy juices were smelling marvelous. .. . I parted her pussy lips and started licking it. . .. .Sumati was surprised and was not expecting this move. . . so she opened her eyes and said, “no no sir pls no. . .” But I didn’t stopped. . . she was twisting her body and heavily moaning. . She was enjoying. . . perhaps she has never enjoyed a oral sex. . . her juices were tasting soooo good. . . .she hold my head with her both hands and was trying to press it hard against her pussy. . .after about 5 min of licking her pussy. . ..I laid over her. .. .Kissed her lips . . .her neck and her boobs. . . .no I couldn’t control further and perhaps she also wanted me to take my big rod in her pussy. . .. .I spread her legs apart and guided my dick to her pussy hole. . .tried to push it in her. . .but her pussy hole was tight. …I then lubricated the tip of my cock with her juices. . . .with a little effort it went in a little. . ..her hands immediately came in front of my stomach and tried to stop me pushing. . .I guessed she might be feeling some pain. . . I stayed with partially in cock for a moment and then tried to move it a little in and out. …She said, “Sir , big fat. . ..pain. ..slowly slowly” I said “OK”. . . .After some time I felt that she was comfortable . . . .I lip locked with her and gave a moderate thrust. . . .She just tried to scream but couldn’t due to the lip lock. .. .and the other moment I gave a final thrust which sunk my whole rod deep in her pussy. . . .This time her scream was loud. . . .I feared that someone might heard it but there was no movement out of the room, so I guessed no one heared her. . . .I was laying standstill on her without any movement. . . after about a minute I started taking out my cock slightly in and pushing it back in. . . .She also started enjoying the thrust. . . so I increased my speed of thrusting. . . .I took out the cock almost completely and thrusted back in completely. . . Her pussy was releasing lots of juices. . . My cock was fully covered with her glistening juices. . … ...Each thrust was making splashing sound when I banged her and my cock fully in. . . ..She was moaning very heavily. . .With each thrust I could see her big boobs bouncing. . . One more thing I feared that when I was fucking her and thrusting hard. … her anklet was making jingling sound and that could have heared by anyone. . .but the jingling sound was so sexy that it made me crazy. . . .after about 10 min, I felt that her grip around me was increasing. . .I increased my pace and in no moments she was experiencing her orgasm. . .her nails were digging my back. . .I felt pain. . .but still the pleasure was more. . . .She was exhausted so she laid cal for some moments and I kept on banging her. . . after a minute she came on me and guided my rod in her pussy. . . .this time it entered freely. . .She started fucking me. . . .Her boobs were bouncing just above me and sometimes touching my face. . . she was doing it very fast. . .After about 5 min I felt that I can’t hold it anymore. . . .I asked Sumati to fuck hard. .. .and in no time all my pressure was released. . .I pumped all my semen in her warm and wet pussy. . ..meanwhile simultaneously she felt her 2nd orgasm also. . . .She laid over me for about 5-10 min. . .and then went away to the bathroom for taking bath. . .after taking bath she left the room . . . .in evening I purchased a anti pregnancy pill and asked her to take it when she came again in the evening. . . It was a great experience . . .Later during the stay we had sex again once. . . .Ok friends. .happy reading. Enjoy. . . ..Please give your feed

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