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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

First Time Fuck Losing Virginity

Hi All!! I’m Vikas 27 from madhurai. This is not just a story but what happened in my real life during my college days. My first sexual encounter that happened when I was in third year and with my hot and sexy girl friend of that time and her figure deliciously juicy 36-28-34, I still can't forget those melons I use to suck.
In the beginning she just allowed me to kiss her, slowly she become hornier and I was always horny, during one of the coll. festival we got a chance to spend more time in private behind the coll. guest house. Damn I wanted to fuck her on that very day but lack of place and privacy. Uffffff! that short black skirt and red top, m already high n horny as usual, I started kissing her madly once we are behind the coll. guest house, that day was special for the first time in my life I was squeezing boobies, you all know how it feels to press those soft melons for the first time. All that kissing and squeezing made her horny and she started moaning and I exactly remember how I slip my hands inside her skirt.
I can still feel her soft white thighs, she was wearing a matching black panty some lacy one and I just rubbed her pussy from outside her panty and that was also the first time she saw my dick and took it in her hand and rubbed it gently and not to be ashamed here but my pre cum was already out of the dick n sticking in her hand at that time only the soft touch of her and few jerk was enough for me to come.
After that day I regularly got to suck those lovely boobies, I used to say I love your mangoes and she use to say I love your banana. She obviously is more open, horny and sexual now and I’m the lucky one. Since sucking her mangoes and fingering her pussy becomes a regular thing and for her jerking my dick is boring now, both of us wanted the real thing, the FUCK…
The lucky day arrived when we went to meet one of her senior. we reached in her senior's flat in the morning  (I think that was Saturday) and was having a great time then her senior got a call from her manager and she had to go to the office to sorted out some issues, I still thank that manager, god bless him!!. So, you can guess, me and my super hot girl friend all alone, btw she was wearing a low waist tight  blue jeans and a black sleeveless top, i always liked her in jeans as the shape of her ass and the movement of her ass in jeans always made me horny. After her senior went out, she sat on my lap and we started kissing each other, I was sitting on the sofa while she was sitting on my left thighs, we are kissing each other deeply, taking each other tongue inside then I started squeezing her juicy melons. Both of us become wet by now then I have took her in my arms and moved towards the bedroom,
I laid her down in the bed and started removing her jeans while she removed her top, I also get rid of my clothes. We both started kissing each other’s body like animals. After fondling her breast for a while I ask her to sit like a bitch so that I can spank her ass, at first she didn’t liked the idea but after few spanking she asked for more, she was still wearing her bra and panty, and then she removed my boxers and started playing with my hard dick, as usual she kissed the top of my dick which make it even more harder, and since it’s the first time we are going to experience the pleasure of sex, we both agreed to go for the final destination.
She was lying in the bed and then I mounted myself on top of her, I started kissing her fondling her and cuddling her, then I slipped my hands inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy gently, she was started moaning and asking for more, she started biting her lips and squeezing her own boobs and then I removed her bra also. After that I slowly started biting her nipples and neck which made her more horny n wet, my fingers are sticky now then She said “Please fuck me …oh god…common please fuck me hard” I said “what if you got pregnant” She said “I don’t care please I want your dick in my pussy”
First time in my life I have seen a girl asking for a fuck, asking to rip apart her pussy and then I spread her legs and took off her panty. WOW what a scene… trust me guys... I have seen a pussy for the very first time in my life that too wet with the love juices…a naked hot young woman lying in bed with me and asking me to take away her virginity and fuck her hard like an animal. My dick was hard like steel rod and ready to explore the new depths of my girl friends virgin pussy, I again mounted myself on top of her and she helped me guide my dick inside her pussy. She was lying on the bed, I was on top of her, her legs wide spread and I’m trying to penetrate her, although she was well lubricated I still was not able to go inside her, so I started finger fucking her.
After some time I again tried to breach the walls of heaven and this time I was successful to make some progress, the top of the dick was inside her juicy tight virgin pussy and I was on cloud nine, she was started crying as it was painful for her, I started squeezing her boobies and smooching her, after that I just pushed my dick inside her pussy with force and her eyes was full of tears when I penetrated her deeply, she was breathing heavily then I started thumping and pumping her love hole with my steel rod.
Few strokes later it becomes pleasurable for both of us and our bodies are moving in sync, the sound of my dick striking against her pussy was loud and her moaning becomes sweeter and then I took my dick out of her love hole when I was about to cum, she wanted me to cum on her stomach and boobs, I jerked off my dick and my cum was all over her body, she dipped her middle finger in my cum and licked her seductively, we both went to the bath room and took a shower together, that was also the first time for me. To hold a woman’s naked body in your arms and take shower when she was holding you tightly made me even more hornier and I asked her to grab the handle of bathroom door and bent a little.
Then I put my dick in between her ass cheeks holding her from behind and rub it hard, she make her ass tight so that I can rub it well. When we are done with our bath and came out there is still some time before her friend comes back from office. So, we decide to lie naked in the bed and talk… This is the first time I’m writing a story and that too from a real incident of my life which I’ll never forget, for any suggestion you can reach out to me at love to hear back from all of you.

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